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What is outbound training?

Most important OTB results can be seen with need of employers and employees to work together for the fulfillment of the team goals and organization’s mission thereof. Trained leaders in a way create an enthusiastic ambiance to help trainee capture learning from these outdoor activities for their workplace. And therefore, most inspiring aspect of OTB remains the fact that participants, on their own come in terms with the consequences of their wrong doings and can see a significant difference that can be bought by making a change in their thinking and behavior.  

India on a shoestring budget

When you think of travelling India on a shoestring budget, you have to be prepared for double the adventure. One, of course, is its virtually unending sea-shores, sky-high mountain ranges, thick forests, colourful deserts, picture-perfect rural and urban life, charming food, mix of religious beliefs, mystic cultures, lively festivals, the list goes on. Second is the tough life that has been the topic of many adventure books and movies.


However, Indian eco-travel expert, 100 Camps has successfully redefined the meaning of travelling with a shoestring budget in India. 100 Camps not only offers the thrill of exotic locations, but also let the adventure tourists get up and close to Indian life, safely.


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Ice Hockey in India

A lot of enthusiasts, sportsmen and fitness-conscious Indians, mostly first timers, heading for holidays to the snow-capped Indian mountains of Gulmarg, Ladhak and Auli, are taking up this electrifying sport.


It’s a sport played on specially created ice-rinks or natural icy fields such as frozen lakes and glaciers. If taken more than a hobby, the sport can be a unique career option for many youngsters. It is already the national sport of Canada and more than 20 countries worldwide participate in Ice Hockey tournaments.


To play this game, players need to have ice hockey equipment, goalie equipment, Ringette, inline hockey and street hockey gear.


100 Camps is one company in India that offers high-quality hockey bags, elbow pads, hockey gloves, goalie gear, hockey jerseys, visors, helmets, goalie masks, roller hockey, hockey socks, apparel and undergarments, pants, shin guards, shoulder pads, hockey skates, sticks and much more.