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10 informative tips for better travel !

Think "people, places, and possessions."

Very basic yet always useful, the best travel shots are mostly made up of these three!  Pull up the camera, cover the forest range while white water rafting with your favorite people in it! Don’t forget any of the three for a great photograph.

Don’t stand apart from the action.

Be a part of what is going on. For best engaging photos, be intimately involved in the picture yourself.


At familiar sites, call attention to something more than the subject.

If you are picturing ‘Taj Mahal or Uttrakhand hills or any other regular photographic site, make it a photo about something else. It can be your friends’ silly cap with the Taj mahal or a stranger in action. Result – Keeper’s photo!

Know where the light is.

Easiest way to flatter your subject is to frame it in best light.  For shining faces, turn them to sun, for your cruise ship to look like a brochure picture, take the photo sunny side up, to capture gleaming light of ocean, and wait for the sun to be low enough to bounce off the waves and so on.


When photographing a person, emphasize only on the person.

Don’t take sluggish pictures where in the end you cut their head off or hide some of their sloppy socks. Frame them first then look around for background.

Be careful to the edges and corners.

Take control and arrange the setting. A great photo is an outcome of defined details as to what is left out and what is left in. Camera behaves differently than what looks good visually through human eye. When all seems to fall in place, picture it.

Fill the frame.

The photo becomes a thing apart from how we usually see the world, which is more or less in 180-degree panorama. Thanks to our peripheral vision! Read more about Rule of the thirds.

See, sense and shoot!

Take a good look of your surroundings; don’t just go snapping. You will get much interesting picture when you are not quick.

Try taking picture thinking about how a stranger would react:

For a great photo, don’t always just click your travel partners in certain locations, use your sense of humor to make it appeal to everyone.

Catch closer.

LAST but not the least, Zoom in and out until you like what you see
As Robert Capa famously said, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." Taken literally, the closer you get to your subject, the more detail and interest you can capture.


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